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Festival Tour

Here is a list of upcoming festivals that Nymph & Nectar will be attending. Applications have been sent out to MANY more and updates will be posted as soon as they are available.

My husband and I are currently traveling across the country going from festival to festival! We have gone down the east coast from Pennsylvania and are working our way across the southern states this winter.  In the spring we will be traveling up the west coast.

All of Nymph & Nectar's wooden displays are handmade with love. We try to create a magical woodland experience in our tent.

Upcoming Festival Dates

Nymph & Nectar just completed 5 festivals 5 weekends in a row and is now taking a small break to replenish stock and get new festivals lined up! Check back soon for more information about upcoming festivals!

Contact Us

Send a message with any questions or suggestions regarding upcoming festivals